What We do

Seven Corners Assist, a division of Seven Corners, offers personalized care for your most valuable assets; your employees. When you have employees and their families traveling internationally, there are countless complications that could arise during their trip. From lost luggage or cancelled flights to a serious illness or injury, assistance in these situations is necessary and invaluable.

Our solutions vary by the type of clients we service. We service businesses large and small from government agencies such as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps VISTA, United States Department of State to large global corporate organizations such as Humana and Mayfair Worldwide.

We coordinate high standards of medical care, risk management, and travel management services in all areas of the world with a thorough understanding of cultural and language challenges. While the solution we deliver varies with each situation, Seven Corners’ service is always the same – individualized and immediate. As the world changes, we continue to develop new ways to make our travelers’ world safer, more secure, and more convenient. Since 1993, Seven Corners has been providing assist services, insurance programs, and self-funded and government-funded healthcare management solutions worldwide. Our service goes beyond borders and beyond expectations. Our hands-on approach includes ongoing assistance to clients and members to ensure results. There is no end point to our responsiveness, caring and commitment.