Critical Illness Life Insurance

critical illness

Renewable Term Life Insurance With a Bonus – Critical Illness Life Insurance Covers Your Life & Your Lifestyle with Death Benefits & Living Benefits.

Wouldn’t A Check Be Better Than A “Get Well Card”?

Living benefits are paid directly to you. You choose how to spend the benefit at a time when you and your family may need extra cash the most. For example:

  • Home Health Care
  • Cost of Caregivers
  • Lost Income of Self or Spouse
  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Co-Pays and Deductibles
  • Non-Covered “Experimental” Treatments
  • Housekeeping or Child Care Expenses
  • Maintenance of Your Family’s Quality of Life

* Living Benefit Conditions

Invasive Cancer Heart Attack
Stroke End-Stage Renal Failure
Major Organ Transplant Terminal Illness
Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease Loss of Independent Living
Loss of Limbs Major Burns
Paralysis Coronary Bypass surgery
Heart Valve Replacement/Repair Surgery Aortic Surgery

Advancements in medical science have increased the chance of surviving a serious illness. Make sure you can afford to survive your illness financially– choose Critical Illness Coverage.

GET A QUOTE“The possibility of surviving a critical illness before age 65 is almost twice as great as dying.”


What are Death Benefits?

  • Death Benefits are paid when you die.
  • The amount of the death benefit is reduced by a living benefit payment if made previously.

Why Renewable Term Coverage?

Fair pricing for you with no surprise increase in cost! Our coverage can be renewed every ten years. This means your pricing is locked in for 10 years at a time. When the 10-year period is up, the amount of premium will increase or the coverage will decrease.

How do I Apply?

Simply click on the Get a Quote Button. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email response from us within 5 to 7 business days.

Notice of 30 Day Right to Examine Policy – You may return your policy for any reason, for up to 30 days after you receive it, and we will provide you with a full refund of any premium you have paid.