Q: What kind of protection can Seven Corners’ insurance offer me?

A: Our comprehensive travel medical and trip cancellation insurance programs protect international travelers from the high costs and inconveniences of hospitalizations, surgeries, doctors visits, prescriptions, medical evacuations, political evacuations, trip cancellations or disruptions, airline bankruptcies, lost luggage and return of remains. To see our full list of insurance policies click here.

Q: Why do I need travel medical insurance? Won’t my health insurance cover me abroad?

A: Don’t assume your health insurance, home owner’s insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or credit card policies will cover you when you travel internationally – in many cases, they do NOT. Seven Corners offers comprehensive travel medical and trip cancellation insurance policies to protect you and your family when you travel overseas. Get a quote now!

Q: Why should I select Seven Corners?

A: Seven Corners is an industry leader in travel medical and trip cancellation insurance policies. We offer a variety of programs, outstanding customer service, understandable and affordable policies, a network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals, and 24/7 emergency assistance to travelers. Get a quote now!

Q: Is travel medical insurance really necessary?

A: Yes, considering 3 out of every 100 vacationers experience some type of unexpected, expensive illness, medical emergency or accident when they travel. Most people do not realize how important medical coverage is while they travel abroad. Keep in mind, your standard health insurance may not cover you when you leave your home country. Get a quote now!

Q: What do I say regarding the Health Plan Network?

In the US, when you call a doctor’s office for an appointment or present your ID card to a provider, it is important for you to say: “My healthcare coverage utilizes the ChoiceCare PPO Network. Are you a ChoiceCare provider?” (NOTE: Unless you are in New York or New Jersey, please say “PHCS” instead of ChoiceCare)

“I have Seven Corners’ Insurance” or “I use Seven Corners’ Network” or “I have Liaison International insurance.” Providers WILL NOT recognize this language and your coverage might not be accepted.