Medical Tour Providers

Seven Corners offers Bordercross WorldwideSM though professional Medical Tour Provider Partners and Hospitals, to assure that proper facilities are being utilized and you are receiving professional and ethical assistance from a respected Medical Tour Provider for all your needs.

We believe by taking this course, it is better for you, the patient, and will provide you with a safe and enjoyable tour. The Medical Tour Provider spends much time and effort evaluating your needs and knows the specific risk you may encounter. Who better to offer the insurance plan to the patient and who would the patient trust more? The Medical Tour Provider is in the best position to consult you and provide an insurance solution and further solidify your continuity of care.

The list of Medical Tour Provider Partners and Hospitals listed below have gone above and beyond to lead their field in professional service to provide you Seven Corners insurance coverage at a discounted rate. We encourage you to consult with them in for your medical tour needs.

  • Formosa Medical Travel
  • Healthbase
  • Indian Health Tours
  • IndiSmile
  • IndUS Health
  • Lotus Medical
  • Med Journeys
  • MedVoy
  • New You
  • Passport Medical
  • CR Doctors
  • Somnio International
  • Thai Medical Vacation
  • Travel For Care
  • T&T Executive S.A.
  • WorldMed Assist
  • Alpha Medical Tourism
  • Axis Medical Travel
  • Croatian Medical Tourism
  • Debson Medical Tourism
  • Dental Destinations