Best Travel Insurance Plans

The Industry’s Best Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance Policies

Find Out Why You Need Travel Insurance with Seven Corners

Seven Corners offers the industry’s most comprehensive trip cancellation insurance and travel insurance policies. For more than 20 years, we have served U.S. citizens traveling abroad and foreign nationals visiting the United States with both short, and long, stay travel insurance. In addition to individuals and groups, we also provide travel protection and world health insurance programs, benefit management and health care administration to government agencies and business travel insurance for corporate employers.

As a policy holder, Seven Corners offers you:

  • Comprehensive world health insurance coverage
  • Access to a network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals
  • A multi-lingual customer service phone line, available 24/7/365
  • Customized country profiles and travel suggestions before you depart on your trip
  • Ongoing travel protection and support during your trip

Travel Insurance Plans:

  1. RoundTrip
  2. RoundTrip Choice
  3. RoundTrip Economy
  4. RoundTrip Elite
  5. Liaison Majestic
  6. Liaison International
  7. Liaison Continent
  8. Liaison Student
  9. Inbound Guest
  10. Inbound Choice
  11. Inbound Immigrant
  12. Reside Prime
  13. Reside Worldwide
  14. Wander Frequent Traveler
  15. Bordercross Worldwide